No Guarantor Loans

You can get a loan without guarantors in your city by using our referral service – Alphtc Service. This is a convenient and quick way to take out a small dollar loan without asking for help from friends and relatives, as is usually required in banks.

A no guarantor loan will allow you to solve your unexpected financial problem. You can make an urgent purchase or travel without wasting time looking for a guarantor or bank approval. In addition, there is no paperwork involved: you only need an ID.

You can find a profitable offer on our website: we have collected the best offers from all MFOs operating in your city.

No guarantor loan terms

Borrowers feel anxious about communicating with microfinance staff. Often people get lost and cannot correctly formulate the answers to the manager’s questions – to name the purpose of receiving money or information about the sources of income – therefore they are afraid of being declined. Calls of MFO employees cause discomfort to colleagues and relatives of the borrower.

No guarantor loans online without calls and checks make it possible to exclude direct contact of a microcredit organization with a borrower. The application process and transfer of funds are online.

Loan application is simplified due to:

  • Speed ​​of funding. The money is received within a few minutes after the application is submitted;
  • No paperwork. You only need an ID. Managers do not require proof of income, photos, income confirmation, credit history report;
  • Both students and seniors can take out a no guarantor loan;
  • High percentage of approved applications. An online loan is approved in 95% of cases.

The transfer of funds is carried out to the personal bank account of the borrower.

How can I get a no guarantor loan 24/7?

You can find a suitable company for your individual needs by using our referral service. Once you have submitted your application, we will connect you to the right lender – this lender will specify the borrower requirements, terms and rates, repayment methods, late payment penalties.

Beginners can get approved for a minimum loan amount. Regular borrowers can count on an increased loan amount.

Who can get a loan without guarantors?

The participating lenders transfer funds around the clock to clients who meet the basic requirements:

  • US citizen;
  • US permanent resident.

As a rule, the procedure for checking a new borrower takes a few minutes. Those who apply for a no guarantor loan for the second time receive money instantly.

For what reasons can you be denied a loan?

No guarantor loans are approved to the majority of applicants. You can be declined a loan only in two cases:

  • You have made errors when filling out the application form, including typos and inaccurate information about yourself;
  • You have overdue loans from other lenders.

Loan repayment rules

You can pay off the borrowed funds in any convenient way: make an electronic payment in the online banking system, deposit the required amount through a self-service terminal or bank cash desk. After the financial transaction is completed, go to your personal account and make sure that the debt has been fully repaid.

Timely repayment of obligations undertaken improves credit history and borrower’s reputation.