Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • Population Health vs Public Health and ACA’s Impact
    • ​March 28, 2016 //  12:30PM - 2:00PM EST
    • About the Webinar: Population Health is the term du jour in healthcare. The session will explore the operational approach driving the most recent evolution in clinical care contrasted with recent trends in public health. Tenets of population health including the transition from volume pricing to value based payments and how this impacts the delivery of care will be covered. The evolving public health issues and financing of public good programs contrast with the medical delivery system in the U.S. The evaluation of population health performance includes a mix of conventional and new measures. These discussions summarize the tension and contrast for innovative approaches to public health vs. population health as the latest in a series of experiments to dampen the medical inflation and long term condition increases in prevalence within the U.S. economy. 
    • Presenters: John Vena, PhD is the Founding Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He currently serves on the SC Clinical and Translational Research Institute Workforce Development & Training Committee and is the Director of the SC PHTC. Philip Smeltzer, PhD joined MUSC in October 2014 as the Program Administrator, Total Population Health. He is responsible for health improvement activities and strategies for patient populations served by MUSC Health through both inpatient and ambulatory care.
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  • Budgeting – Linking Strategies to Resource Allocations
    • April 4, 2016 // 11:30AM - 1:00PM

    • About the Webinar: The vision and mission of an organization cannot be accomplished without a carefully crafted strategic plan. A strategic plan with its objectives and action plans cannot be implemented without the allocation of resources in proportion to scope and scale of the action plans. This webinar will present to public health professionals the association between strategies and budgets, the types of budgets, the process of formulating a budget using a case study from a local public health department, and the fundamentals of measuring budget effectiveness.

    • Presenters: Andy Rucks, Ph.D. Andrew C. Rucks, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized public health academician with an emphasis on regional coalition building, pediatric medical surge capacity, and preparedness drills and exercises. Dr. Rucks is a professor in the department of Health Care Organization and Policy, Director of Finance and Administration, and Executive Director of the Survey Research Unit. Dr. Rucks has almost 30 years of academic and business experience.

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